Software systems that power business innovation

At Datalive we strive to delight with systems that are simple to use but powerful in features. Our team of experienced developers work hard behind the scenes to solve the technical issues so our customers can focus on making their business a success. Maintaining a clean intuitive interface, efficient backend and continuous reliable operation are key elements of our ongoing system development and support.

Based in Launceston, we have had the privilege of working on a wide range of projects over the past two decades. From fully custom line-of-business database applications to dynamic ecommerce solutions to 4D visualisation tools. Each time we work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business requirements and how we can provide value.

We provide a solution to a growing number of administrators in the Australian personal insolvency industry with our debt agreement software. We continue to invest in the development of this product to make it the best all-inclusive solution, with an expansion into informal agreement management, document creation and third-party integrations.

On the technology front we have expertise in both desktop applications built with C# and SQL Server and web-based solutions built with Django and modern frontend technologies. We first started using Django in 2007 to build websites and online systems; and it continues to be a flexible and reliable foundation for us to build upon.  Combined with evolving technologies like GraphQL and React, we continue to deliver powerful admin experiences and modern, responsive frontends. This has allowed us to build stylish customer portals, smart application forms and other complex single page applications.