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Datalive Software builds custom designed online software systems for businesses across a wide variety of industries.

  • Access your systems from anywhere
  • Save on IT infrastructure costs
  • Fully managed backups, performance and security

Delight in using a system that has the flexibility and agility to move with you.

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Example 1:  Piano management system

In 2011 we completely redeveloped the stock system used by Pianos First.

  • Secure web-based solution that integrates with their website & MYOB.
  • Complete debtor & stock management
  • Produces reports, sends emails, processes payments

This new system has significantly increased productivity, reduced data errors, and lets them access their system from anywhere in the world!

They were so happy with their new system that they have allowed us to turn it into an online demo. So come-on, get your hands dirty, and see how good your new system can be!

Read more...    Try a demo!

Chords in Songlib

Example 2: Online Song Database

We have been creating a web-system to allow musicians to store all of their guitar chords in the cloud.

  • A central place to store all your guitar music
  • Create setlists, and automatically create presentations.
  • Collaborative editing for your music team.

Try it out at songlib.com


Example 3: Online lead management

Put some stuff about the OMS for Pianos First? Or another project

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