Often businesses start out using Excel to record and report on key business data. Using this custom approach is extremely flexible and can allow innovation and efficiency. Over time however this becomes unworkable as the amount of data grows and the processes for entering, aggregating and formatting the data become more complex. This is where a custom integrated business database can really shine and provide a high amount value.

Online Database Systems
Our systems can be developed for either Windows computers connected to a database server on your local network, or for our hosted and managed web based platform that allows you to securely access your system from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser.

Booking Database Systems
We have had a large amount of experience developing booking systems of various forms. This has included availability synchronisaton, credit card processing and beautifully generated confirmation emails.

Finance Databases and Integration
We have developed complete a finance system for one customer, which covered everything from high level budgeting to payroll. We have also developed several systems that have integrated with MYOB using either manual or automated journal exports.

Our EAP management system for Newport & Wildman simplifies administration and provides an easy way for counsellors to view and record appointments online. Powerful statistical reporting, invoicing and payroll functions are then built on top of this.