Pianos First

Integrated Website Systems

A national distributor of acoustic and digital pianos, Pianos First stand out as industry leaders through the use of custom systems. Our work with them includes a data-driven website, online contract applications and advanced CRM.

Data Driven Website

The Pianos First website is designed to guide customers through a purchase decision so by the time they finish browsing, they have narrowed their decision to one or two piano models and have found their closest Pianos First dealer. Information about piano models, prices and available finishes plus dealer information is all derived from a central database. This is built in Django and forms part of the content management system (CMS) which staff manage and update. Small price adjustments; new photos; or current promotions are easily uploaded by staff, saving time and money. The database allows Pianos First to keep their website fresh, relevant and up-to-date.

Online Applications

Pianos First offers both interest free purchase plans and rental contracts through their website. The online applications are designed to make entering and validating required information as simple and secure as possible. By integrating the application system with the website, customers are able to find and apply for their favourite piano with ease.

Completed online applications are securely and automatically transferred from the website into the stock database system. This saves time, typing errors and paper!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

To provide the best service to current and prospective customers a tailor built CRM system has been developed for Pianos First. Whether a customer has requested a piano tuning reminder or a brochure, the CRM system allows the process of delivering the service to be tracked and automated where possible. Newsletter subscription management is also included, allowing relevant news and offers to be sent out to customers, with the facility to automatically unsubscribe when the information is no longer required.