Adventure Walk Management System

AWMS Screen

System Profile

A complete guest booking and trip management database system for an innovative tourism company.

FileMaker Import

Importing historical data from FileMaker proved to be a tricky process. Data had to be exported to a text file, cleaned, transformed (repeating fields!) and then inserted into the SQL database in the correct sequence to create the right table relationships.

Integrated Financial Management

The system facilitates invoicing and payments. All financial transactions generate journal entries that can be exported to MYOB or other financial application.

Customised Correspondence

All letters are created as Microsoft Word documents that can be fully customised and personalised. The system allows operators to create their own letter templates as different types of letters are required.

Guide Database Integration

The system fully integrates with a separate product we created for managing the walk guides. As soon as trips are confirmed in one system, they can have guides allocated in the other.