Datalive Software offers professional website services for businesses. Our focus is on creating elegant sites that are effective in their goals whilst being easy to manage. We achieve this using a high-performing content system that allows us to quickly build custom modules and features as required. Our service is fully hosted and managed to save you from the hassle of setting up and maintaining the technical aspects of your site.

The Need for Speed
User perception is critical and studies have shown that visitors will be more engaged with your website if the pages load faster. Our hosting service is optimised using caching and compression, whilst our front-end development is carefully coded for efficient loading to ensure our websites are consistently fast.

Built to Last
We maintain website monitoring services, full backups, and system updates to ensure the security and longevity of every site we build. Our content system makes it easy to continue building your website with fresh content. New modules can easily be added as your requirements change and grow over time.


Our content systemA custom built content system will provide a perfect match for the aesthetic and functional requirements of the front-end. All of our websites are built upon Django, a highly flexible platform that allows custom models and functionality to be rapidly developed. Whether you need an e-commerce site, CRM integration or something inbetween we have the experience to craft you the perfect easy to manage solution.


It is important to understand your audience, the main devices they are using, and the things that will create the best user experience for them. What will make you stand out, and how will it reinforce your brand message. It should be obvious within seconds of landing on your website, what you are offering, how to navigate around the site, and immediately start to build in elements of trust. We have worked with a number of graphic design agencies to build some great websites in the past. Our role and the design approach will vary depending on the specifc requirements of each site.


Smart Phone WebsiteThe use of mobile devices to browse the web has grown incredibly. We now test each site that we develop on both the iPhone and iPad. Depending on the nature of your site, we may recommend developing a separate mobile specific version of your site. This may be to make navigation clearer, or to specifically target the differing requirements of users on the go.


Setting up your website correctly with a good analytics system is important for measuring goal conversions and understanding the way visitors are interacting with your site. Good analytics can reveal if there are deficiencies in the design that are causing people to get confused. Knowing the dominant usage patterns can help you optimise the site to be even more effective.

Taking a trip with the award-winning Cradle Mountain Huts is an amazing experience. Their website needs to connect with people through beautiful imagery and also provide some serious functionality for bookings, admin and marketing.